Elvia Radioprotection

Ensuring and Improving Nuclear Safety and Quality

About us

Elvia Radioprotection is a nuclear security design office based in Paris (France).


We provide solutions in quality, safety, environmental protection and security about nuclear cares.


Our services for your industry are: Auditing, Consulting, Inspection, studying and expertise.


Our global businesses are: Industry, hospital complex, power generation and nuclear skilled worker.


Wathever your need (mock-up, security, reliability, dismantling, conception, radioactive waste) Elvia radioprotection helps you maintain your productiove conditions and improve your safety.


Our expertise

Our expertise is based on specific knowledge and experience with:

  • Respect of Regulations
  • Human radiation protection
  • Conformity Assessment
  • Quality management Systems
  • Knowledge of codes
  • Mastery of calculation tools
  • Prevention of major accidents in nuclear facilities
  • Safety in plants, laboratories, transport and waste treatment
  • Nuclear defense expertise
  • Nuclear and radiological emergency management
  • Security and non-proliferation
  • Radiological protection of people and environment


From conception to dismantling

Fully understanding the physical phenomena at work during the operation of civil nuclear reactors, laboratories, and plants such as waste disposal facilities, enables us a more effective assessment of the safety of these facilities.


Elvia Radioprotection knowledges contributes to the safety of existing and future nuclear facilities. 


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